Thursday, June 08, 2017

Bucket list

I think Stacy Head might be trolling municipal employees in addition to trying to steal their modest retirement savings.
NOMERS isn't in bad shape or in fiscal turmoil, this is just irresponsible policy. Councilwoman Head has even said that taking on pensions was "on her bucket list" before leaving the council.

In New Orleans, the average public employee pension is about $21,000 annually -- a modest amount that helps workers retire with dignity after putting in a career of service to our community. Councilwoman Head's proposal would make drastic cuts to our already modest pension, especially for employees with less than 10 years of service or future employees. An analysis by The Times-Picayune found that the average pension benefit for our public servants would be reduced almost $8,000 annually or $670 a month. That's a monthly rent payment, family grocery budget or mortgage.
You see, typically, a "bucket list" is something that a person who is comfortably retired has time and money to work on.... 

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