Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Serpas Signal

This is... actually I don't know what this is yet. But here it is.
A familiar name has emerged as a possible opponent for Orleans Parish Sheriff Marlin Gusman in an October election that has received scant attention amid the hubbub of the New Orleans mayor's race.

Ronal Serpas, the former New Orleans Police Department superintendent, is rumored to be mulling a run against Gusman, who is seeking his fourth full term in what has long been considered the city's second-highest political perch.

Serpas, now a Loyola University professor, declined to confirm or deny his interest in the job, even as he coyly acknowledged the rumors of a possible run for political office -- and for the sheriff's post in particular.

"That's the most prevalent one that's out there," Serpas said as he spoke by phone from Ireland, where he said he's working with local police.
It's a strange circumstance given that the consent decree has left us with a Sheriff who currently doesn't actually have anything to do.. sort of.  But that's temporary and this is a plum position.  Still it's widely thought that Gusman is unbeatable so.. who knows what is going on here. 

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