Friday, November 11, 2016

You elected a criminal oligarch

Criminal oligarchs tend to have a lot of angry vengeful people around them.
A source close to Trump stressed that the president-elect’s team is willing to work with Republicans who backed Trump’s rivals in the GOP primary, and even those who occasionally called out Trump — but added that some crossed a line.

“It’s one thing not to have been for him or to have had a disagreement, but if you went out of your way to be an asshole, then we’re not going to helpful,” the source said.

The source suggested that Trump’s political operation would steer business away from Republicans who were involved in the #NeverTrump effort to block Trump from the GOP nomination. Comparing one of the effort’s leading operatives to a Hollywood actor who threatened to leave the country if Trump was elected, the source said, “Katie Packer should see if Bryan Cranston has an extra room in Canada.”

Packer responded by cracking that she “fully expected to be rounded up and sent to a detention camp, so if that's the best they've got, then that's a relief!” More seriously, she suggested that “if Trump allows sentiments like that to go unchecked,” it will undermine his claim during his victory speech early Wednesday that he wants to unite the country after the divisive election.
Ha ha nobody's getting "rounded up and sent to a detention camp," right? Right?
(CNN)Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is calling for the creation of a new House Committee on Un-American Activities, invoking the infamous "Red Scare"-era congressional body as a blueprint for weeding out American ISIS adherents and sympathizers.
Oh ok that's never gotten out of control or anything.  Pretty sure Republican consultants who happen to be on the outs with the administration will be safe.

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