Friday, November 11, 2016

Now is not the time to punch the hippies

If you find yourself talking about the need for "unity," stop.

If you find yourself saying there are any circumstances under which you are ready to "work with" the con man, you are already failing.

If you are going through the motions of delivering empty platitudes about healing "the divisions"  you are not helping.

If you are smugly talking down to the outraged kids in the street, please shut the fuck up.

Basically if you are setting up any sort of narrative that involves the notion that anyone should "give the new President a chance" you are a garbage human.  Or at least you are someone comfortable enough to not to have to worry about, say, the end of Medicare.  See also, this entire list.

Now is not the time for "healing."  Don't punch the hippies. Let them fucking march.  If they topple a few confederate monuments along the way, that's all the better.

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