Thursday, November 17, 2016

All the stars are out

J.P. Morrell has been a pretty okay State Legislator. He was a leader and frequent voice of reason during this year's budget crises. He hasn't been great on certain issues such as the Hollywood South boondoggle. He has been good on criminal justice reform and has at least tried on marijuana legalization.  Lately, he's been terrific on the short term rental issue.

Anyway, we're edging closer to next year's municipal elections and Morrell has his eyes on the Mayor's office. To that end, he's making the rounds.Check out the names a this fundraising event.
One of several individuals contemplating a run for mayor in 2017, Morrell expects a large turnout for tonight’s event at the home of New Orleans businessman Jimmy Woods. Woods just returned from a brief but much needed vacation after his wife Regina Bartholomew-Woods won an appeals court seat earlier this month.

In addition to the host, Morrell’s finance committee includes such heavy-hitters as Darryl Berger, John Cummings, Joe Jaeger, Rick Farrell, Chip Forstall, Bill Hammack, Janice Parmalee, Christian Rhodes, CJ Blache and Larry and Lane Sisung.

Among the co-hosts are former mayor Sidney Barthelemy, Constable Lambert Boissiere, former senator Ed Murray, Walter Baudier, Leslie Jacobs, Chris Coulon, Bill Hines, Nancy Marsiglia, George Kleinpeter, Julie Schwam Harris, Robert Lupo, Norma Jane Sabiston, Gary Solomon Jr., Mike Valentino, Alvin Richards, Blake Jones, Sundiata Haley, Brian Egana, Felicia Kahn, Darrel Saizan, Jim Ward, Billy Sizeler, Madalyn Schenk, Felicia Kahn, and future city council candidate Joe Giarrusso III, who happens to be Morrell’s cousin by marriage. Morrell is wed to Giarrusso’s first cousin Catherine whose grandfather was former police chief Clarence Giarrusso.

According to a source, Morrell has upped his interest in the race because he considers the current field weak. Morrell could receive fundraising assistance from his law partner, Ira Middleberg, who was former mayor Marc Morial’s go-to man during that administration.

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