Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The very important Baby Cakes take

Had to rescue this one from the Parallel Internet where thoughts and bookmarks and such go too often to vanish. Anyway, so there was this today.
METAIRIE - The new nickname of the New Orleans-based minor league baseball team was revealed Tuesday evening to be the 'Baby Cakes.'

The new name was announced at the minor league facility at the sports complex on Airline Drive.

Social media weighed in quickly with WWL's Facebook and Twitter accounts almost unanimously panning the decision.  
"Almost unanimously."  I don't know why people are upset. This was the best of the possible outcomes. I love Baby Cakes on so many levels.

First of all I love it because the fans basically made it happen as a protest vote against the appalling decision to rename the team and the general lameness of the choices. We picked the one that was not only stupid but so aggressively stupid that no one could deny the illegitimacy of the exercise..

Second, the name is the new to town ownership's tone deaf misinterpretation of either the Baby Doll or King Cake Baby tradition or both (they cited both of those things when they announced the finalists) But nobody uses the term Baby Cake for anything. It's a complete un-thing. But that's also great because, well, it is certainly a thing now! And it's a new thing. And it's kind of loveable because of and in spite of its own stupidity.

Third, minor league baseball is about fun and a little bit about off-beat weird Americana. This is right in the sweet spot of all that.

Fourth, the logo looks like a cartoon Mitch Landrieu in a diaper and it cracks me up and is great.

Yes, yes, of course they should have left the name alone, or at least updated it by changing it to MegaZephs as some of us have suggested.  But, as Donald Trump's favorite song goes... 

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