Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Unskew the freakout

People want there to be Presidential election drama in the final week.  Don't buy it. Donald Trump is still going to lose and he is going to lose bigly. Everyone knew how they were going to vote months ago. The only thing that's changed in that regard is now a lot of people have already voted. Today is the final day of early voting in Louisiana, by the way. But there's nothing that can happen in the closing week of the campaign that "changes the game." We already know everything we need to know.

We know that the mainstream political press and the Democratic party are an unholy interlocking hack factory.  We know that the Republican party is entirely in the throes of a proto-fascist irrational hate movement.

Mostly we know that America hates these candidates.  We know that one candidate is the product and indeed living embodiment of the corrupt and bloodthirsty American financial and military imperial system currently grinding the lives of the poor into dust both at home and abroad.  We know the other is a literal piece of poo. 

We also know the institutional party duopoly doesn't afford us a viable alternative. Sure there are an idiot and a chiropractor getting some attention but the system is such that neither of them is in position to disrupt the dismal reality of the race, let alone win tangible gains for themselves or their supporters.  Vote for whoever you want, of course. I'm not one of these Democratic hacks trying to shift the blame for their own candidate's crappiness onto the presence of third parties. Don't listen to those people. But just don't expect your single protest vote to change the world either.

Anyway, despite the clickbait and ratings gambits you're going to see all week, the election is not tightening. Despite what the Democratic hack pod people tell you, we are not in danger of electing Orange Hitler. They seem to have failed to listen to their own President's advice to stop freaking out.

So do that. Keep calm. Go vote. Enjoy watching the Trump people throw an impotent fit next Tuesday.  If you're feeling down about the fact that we're electing Mothra in order to stop Godzilla, you're right.  But that just means next week it will be time to go to work shutting down Mothra. Plenty time for that later.

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