Monday, November 28, 2016

Bobby Jindal will be ok

Bobby had practically everything Donald Trump could have asked for in a Secretary of Health and Human Services. He knew how to privatize public benefits and position cronies such that they can profit from the sell off. He knew how to pander to Islamophobes. But it turns out he didn't quite make the cut.

If we had to guess at what Bobby's mistake was, we'd probably say it had something to do with having exhibited insufficient deference to Trump that one time way back when.  Then again, nobody paid much attention to Jindal during the campaign, even while he was calling Trump a "madman."  The rumor was Mitt Romney, whose criticism of Trump came with a higher profile and at a more important point in the calendar, could still have been Secretary of State if only he had apologized.  Jindal's truly unforgivable sin in Trump's eyes probably was publishing his remarks on CNN's website.

Anyway, Bobby will be fine.  He can go right back to accepting money from various think tanks and lobbying groups to produce.. well.. more CNN.com op-eds and such for the next few years until it's time to maybe run for some other office if he wants. So don't feel too bad for him.  Even if the Trump Administration does end up collapsing in a series of scandals, impeachments, and resignations, I don't think HHS is technically in line for the Presidential succession anyway. Although, if we were ever going to find out, this would be the time.

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