Friday, November 06, 2015

What did David Vitter know and when did he know it?

Following up on this WWLTV story about David Vitter and fracking permits in St. Tammany Parish, Jason connects a few more dots between Hellis Oil,Vitter, and a mysterious "suicide."
Everyone I've spoken to, from Wendy Ellis to numerous unnamed sources who knew Mosgrove, have stated they do not believe Michelle committed suicide that night on the Aera. They all believe something more nefarious took place and the crime scene was made to look like a suicide.  When I asked what the motive for the murder would have been, three of the sources stated the same thing, "She was running her mouth".

Let me be clear, I'm not suggesting David Vitter was involved in the "suicide" of Michelle Mosgrove. But, I have reason to believe Senator Vitter had a relationship with William Drouila in the 90's and may have been on the Aera himself.
It's pretty salacious but we're used to that by now. Remember also the sort of scene we're dealing with here has long been part of the culture of the industry... and of its partners in government.  And, as we've seen time and again, David Vitter is definitely one of "Big Oil's boys." (Although, to be fair, it looks like a lot of those rats have jumped ship, recently.) 

Anyway, I found it a little curious that John Bel's campaign would pick this moment to launch this heavy-handed an ad. You can see why it would be tempting to take a knockout shot now but this might be a bit of an unnecessary overreach.

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