Monday, November 09, 2015

"Hard Times"

You know what? No, that's not even.... I'm just gonna leave that there.

In other campaign news, the two candidates recorded interviews with LPB where they talked about their faith a lot.

Also there was a one-on-one forum today at the Baton Rouge Press Club. Apparently Vitter had some kind of a fit about trackers and stuff. 
Vitter came closest to making news on this front, when he linked his suspicions about John Cummings, the wealthy trial lawyer and Edwards donor taped by a Vitter p.i. at a Metairie coffee shop, to Danny DeNoux, a private investigator who was also at the table along with Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand. DeNoux has admitted he found a source for a blogger who's been investigating Vitter's past, and at the forum Monday, Vitter said Denoux also was a target of the Vitter campaign's surveillance, which he deemed neither illegal nor improper.

"That person was researching what I believe is an illegal scheme" to "pay for false testimony for witnesses against me," Vitter said. He said he had already contacted federal authorities over the matter.

Vitter also suggested his investigator is no different from a standard campaign tracker, someone who follows candidates and records their conversation without attempting to hide. He also likened the man's actions to those of a news reporter. He said he's been a victim of tracking for years and finds it obnoxious; that prompted Edwards to point out a tracker hired by Vitter's Super PAC, someone who's been so ubiquitous on the campaign trail that he called him by his name, Joshua.
According to the tweets, Vitter became uncharacteristically and, some implied, comically agitated during these remarks.  We'll know soon enough. I mean.. someone probably has some footage....  

One day I wanted to be a spy

In any case, expect Vitter to make a stronger issue of this in the next few weeks; especially if his own spies  can identify the source of DeNoux's funding.  He's also probably interested in tying Cummings to the city's plan to remove Confederate monuments although Cummings has publicly denied that he is the anonymous donor paying for that.

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