Saturday, November 28, 2015

Water Coalition

Just so everyone is clear on the reason PACs like the so-called "Water Coalition of Louisiana" started diving into the David Vitter hooker stories in the first place, the goal was to elect a Republican governor.
Stutz­man said he was com­pelled to get in­volved be­cause he felt that Vit­ter was a flawed can­did­ate who would im­per­il what should be a safe Re­pub­lic­an seat. Stutz­man said he sup­por­ted GOP primary can­did­ate Scott An­gelle. “My view is the herd should be thinned of our bad can­did­ates, and he might be one of the worst can­did­ates we had any­where in the coun­try as an in­cum­bent,” Stutz­man said.
This is why the timing of the ads and the sudden flurry of new coverage of the prostitution scandals happened the way they did. They failed in their purpose in a way that turned out to be fortunate for "our side."  But the fact that this was their purpose in the first place matters.

We pointed this out at the beginning... and really, throughout the campaign. A lot of individuals who later ended up conspicuously supporting the accidental winner didn't think this was very important.   I have trouble understanding why people who can't see why such a distinction would make a difference are interested in politics in the first place. 

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