Monday, November 30, 2015

Loose ends

Here's one of several Gubernatorial election summaries I have collected. I'll post more of in the next few weeks.  It references one of several loose ends that may never be fully drawn out.
But I believe the real event that ended Vitter’s political career—and many people scorned me for saying that he was done in politics—allegedly occurred at the IHOP in Hammond, Louisiana, three days earlier than the Royal Blend fiasco.

According to Sheriff Normand, Vitter’s chief PI, not the junior PI who got caught hiding behind an air-conditioning unit, but the “Big” PI, met with a woman at the IHOP near I-12 on Oct. 20. There Vitter’s paid PI allegedly solicited an affidavit to discredit Jason Brad Berry and Wendy Ellis. Berry is a first-rate investigative blogger who videoed Ellis telling her story. She claimed to have had a long-term relationship with Vitter, which included allegations of a child fathered by the Senator, despite his request that she have an abortion.

What made the IHOP story so compelling was the video, recovered on a clandestine recording device, which happened to be the same device the gumshoe used to record Sheriff Normand. The Sheriff maintained the recording had been deleted but his forensic technicians recovered the video.

Why would a PI record himself doing something highly questionable that could bring down his boss, a US Senator? I suppose we’d have to ask Richard Nixon.

The video and other information was turned over to the FBI by Sheriff Normand.
(I went ahead and added that one link in there.)

What happens with that stuff now?  Will this mean serious federal charges for Vitter and his spooks?  Also are we ever going to find out why Vitter was following John Cummings around? What about all these questions Jason asked after all the shit had hit the fan?  Who follows up on that? 

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