Monday, November 30, 2015

I think we score this as a double play

As in, the Zephyrs' new owner just hit into one.
"Our goal is to make the New Orleans Zephyrs one of the top franchises in all of Minor League Baseball. With the great South Louisiana fans, the love of sports here and our hard work, we have every reason to believe that we will succeed," Schwechheimer said.

"New Orleans will be in the top tier of attendance, because this is a great town. This is a resilient town. This is a magical town. ... I can promise you this ballpark will come alive. We will provide first class family entertainment where families can come out with their kids, where grandparents can bring their grandkids to their first game, where young couples can go on their first date. It'll be a family place. We only ask the fans in New Orleans one thing: just come once. Let us earn your trust one time and I promise you'll be back."
Managed to get in a "magical" and a "resilient" the first day on the job.  Not bad for a dude from Massachusetts or wherever. (What is the deal with these itinerant minor league baseball owners, anyway?)

I'll admit one really does need to muster a fair amount of resilience to drive all the way out to one of those games in the Airline Highway traffic.  And the mosquitoes during the summertime out there can seem preternatural even if "magical" isn't exactly the word for them. Not so sure about anybody's grandkids showing up, though. It is baseball, after all.

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