Sunday, November 15, 2015

"Hasn't ruled out..."

Always a clever way of phrasing things.  I guess I haven't officially ruled it out either. On the other hand, they did ask him.
Asked wheth­er he’d con­sider a Sen­ate run against Vit­ter if he loses, Landrieu didn’t rule out the idea. “I want to wait un­til after this elec­tion’s over to even think about that,” Landrieu said
It would surprise me. I don't know if Mitch wants to be a Senator or not but I do think there are easier ways for him to punch his meal ticket once he's finished kicking all the poors out of New Orleans by 2018. There are consulting/lobbying jobs waiting to fall into his lap as well as a low level appointment into a possible Clinton administration which would lead to even more consulting/lobbying jobs. Why bother staking that value on a probable losing Senate race?

One theory has it Mitch might be tempted to run for an open seat, though, should whatever these threatened conspiracy or wiretapping charges are against Vitter actually amount to something.  I don't think they will, though.  Remember Bill Cassidy's medical billing scandal? Yeah that never really took him down, did it?

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