Sunday, October 25, 2015

Why does Stacy Head hate service industry workers?

I'm not even sold on the premise of this argument. But assuming it is true, Stacy thinks employees are inconvenient people.
On Magazine Street, for example, later hours could mean that more workers will start parking on side streets where parking isn’t metered, she said. That would free up spots in front of the businesses for customers. Because those customers now park on the side streets, such a change would not result in a net increase in parking in residential blocks, she said.

“There are studies and proof that parking meters in fact improve the viability of urban shopping districts,” Head said, noting that preventing people from parking on the street for long periods of time means more spots for customers. On-street spaces in shopping areas, she said, are the most valuable and should not be taken up by employees.
The help parks further away and comes in through the back door.

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