Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Everybody hates Vitty

Andrew was good enough to share this on Twitter this morning

This is from the fall edition of this year's LSU Riley Center public opinion survey.

everybody hates Vitter

People do not like David Vitter.  This means that he is beatable this year.. even by the Democratic candidate. Unfortunately... as we have pointed out time and again... lots of folks you might ordinarily consider "Democrat-leaning" types are trying their damnedest to kill Vitter in the primary thereby guaranteeing a Republican becomes the next Governor.

I have no idea why they would do that. The only explanation I can rest on is they don't actually care about Medicaid expansion, labor rights, or racial and economic equality.. you know.. the things that a person elected by a Democratic coalition is obligated to at least grant an audience to. Instead they just really hate being "embarrassed" by Vitter. Because hookers... or something.

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