Wednesday, October 21, 2015

It's an "historic breakthrough"

Congratulations, you've approved a plan.  
Planned diversion projects designed to take sediment from the Mississippi River to build marsh near the Breton and Barataria sounds won approval from a state coastal board Wednesday — a vote that means this long-desired work will finally move beyond planning.

The Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority recommended advancing the Mid-Barataria sediment diversion near Myrtle Grove and the Mid-Breton sediment diversion at Wills Point. The approval means these two diversions will move forward toward engineering and design.
Now we can move forward to the next 5-10 years of arguing over design and permitting. If the ocean eats up all of the land before any actual works happens, then the rest of the money can go to reinforcing the Fouchon pontoon bridge.  Because as long as the oil and gas infrastructure is accessible, none of this other stuff matters.

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