Thursday, October 29, 2015

Guess the Geek Appeal kind of passed him by

Middle age is tough. Just ask Bobby Jindal. It was only a short few.. eight.. years ago when Jeremy Alford wrote about Bobby's Geek Appeal to "Gen-Xers" who... I guess.. were what Alford and Gambit considered The Kids Today in 2007.

Anyway, back then Bobby was a different kind of conservative. Sure, he went out and pandered to the churchy folks. But he did it while multi-tasking on his Blackberry.
During one 25-minute interview at the State Museum, Jindal mentions God no less than eight times. "This is God giving us another chance," he says, referring to the campaign's promise for a fresh start.

According to the D.C. newspaper The Hill, Jindal was seen on Ash Wednesday last year at St. Peter's Catholic Church spending a "great deal of time on his BlackBerry during service and prayer, both reading e-mails and sending e-mails." Jindal responded through his spokesman: "The Congressman was on his BlackBerry to staff asking that meetings be pushed back because the service was running long. He didn't want to leave."
Yeah the Blackberry, right? He probably kept it in a holster on his belt. Right next to the onion he wore there. Which was the style at the time.  Anyway, those were the days.

What's our Whiz Kid up to now that we all live in The Future
You won’t see Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal checking Twitter on an iPhone or hailing an Uber, like some other Republicans running for president.

During a lighter moment of Wednesday night’s GOP debate, Jindal admitted he still uses a Blackberry — and mostly for scheduling and staying in touch with his family.

“I may be the last American out there without an iPhone,” Jindal joked, adding that he has one game on his phone: Bricklayer.
Whoah there, grandpa. Are you sure you've "got the bandwidth" for that?

This is what it's come to for Bobby.  The world really does pass us by so quickly.  Sooner or later we all end up back at the kids' table.  Jindal got there sooner than most, though.

As for the kids' table itself, that's kind of getting old too. Here's Grace today:
These "undercard" debates, featuring a handful of low-polling candidates and preceding the main events, are getting old. CNBC was the latest network to make up for excluding Jindal & Co. from the big stage by offering them airtime, but once again, all the network did was reinforce the idea that these are the candidates who aren't serious. We're talking about a governor, a former governor, a senator and a former senator. Sure, having ten candidates on stage is already unwieldy, but would adding four more be that much worse?
The last kiddie table candidate standing gets to sit with the... no let's not call the major GOP candidates adults. Somebody will get the call up, though.  Otherwise it might just be Bobby talking to himself.  Like a senile old man, perhaps.  It comes upon all of us sooner than we think.  

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