Friday, October 23, 2015

Authoritarian zoo

What is even real anymore?
Fox is looking to put a new spin on the cop drama.

The network has handed out a script commitment to an untitled drama based on the New York Times story "Who Runs the Streets of New Orleans?"

The drama is inspired by the article and explores what happens when an enigmatic tech billionaire makes a deal with a bankrupt, dying city to provide a privately owned and operated police force.
Basically Fox is pretty high on the idea of Sidney Torres as Batman.  It's perilous to try to identify the point in time where we fell of the ledge of reality anymore.

Tomorrow the mayor wants some of you to approve a new tax on French Quarter hotels and retailers which will allow Torres to continue his superhero cosplay operation.  (That article says the sales tax pays for State Troopers. But it's part of a package of dubious special taxes for specific security measures in the Quarter.)  After that some state tax credits will subsidize a TV show about it.

Can't pay for hospitals or universities but this we can make happen.

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