Saturday, October 10, 2015

Terrible person is still terrible

Congratulations to Mary Landrieu.
The partnership behind a shuttered “clean coal” power plant has enlisted former Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) to push for a revival of the federally-backed project.

Newly filed disclosure forms show that Landrieu will be working for the FutureGen Industrial Alliance, a group of coal companies.

It's her first lobbying client since joining law and lobby firm Van Ness Feldman in May.

The coalition was formed to research and develop “near-zero emissions coal technology” that stores carbon dioxide underground. That project, called FutureGen 2.0, would refit a coal-fired power plant in western Illinois to inject emissions into a subterranean pipeline.
The technology behind so-called "clean coal" is suspect. As an energy or environmental policy it is wasteful and counterproductive.  But as a commercial concern, it makes for a pretty good scam.  When Mary was an elected representative of the state of Louisiana we could at least hem and haw about the compromises she habitually made with destructive fossil fuel producers on our semi-behalf.  But now all she does is collect their money.  What a nice person she turned out to be.

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