Tuesday, December 09, 2014

This is who they are

Mentioned this last week but let me pull this Jarvis DeBerry quote again. It captures perfectly what conservatives (I include President Obama among them, btw) are all about.
Leading America requires declaring its goodness. And not just that. Leading America requires declaring that America always has been good, that it always has treasured the law. Never mind that the law failed to prohibit the destruction of one people or the enslavement of another.
Any serious examination of our problems constitutes a failure. No one is accountable. Nothing ever gets resolved and there is never any actual justice because, "The United States of America is awesome, we are awesome," and that's all anyone ever need know.


Owen Courrèges said...

America has neither always been right nor always treasured the law, but at least has gradually attempted to work towards something better, and has been generally better than everyone else.

jeffrey said...

Well.. even if we accept that much, I still don't understand the impulse to meet all criticism with, "WE ARE AWESOME WHY DO YOU HATE AMERICA" does anything constructive along that whole working towards something better thing.

jeffrey said...

Maybe. But even so, how is the course of "work towards something better" aided when every criticism is shouted down by "WHY DO YOU HATE OUR AWESOME"?