Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Are there no workhouses?

The NFL is giving back and paying it forward and.. well, pressing the homeless into unpaid labor is what they are doing in Tampa.
TAMPA — Before every Tampa Bay Buccaneers home game, dozens of men gather in the yard at New Beginnings of Tampa, one of the city's largest homeless programs.

The men — many of them recovering alcoholics and drug addicts — are about to work a concessions stand behind Raymond James Stadium's iconic pirate ship, serving beer and food to football fans. First, a supervisor for New Beginnings tries to pump them up.

"Thank God we have these events," he tells them. "They bring in the prime finances."

But not for the workers. They leave the game sweat-soaked and as penniless as they arrived. The money for their labor goes to New Beginnings. The men receive only shelter and food.
I suppose, as long as the slave laborers do not engage in any symbolic protesting of police brutality, no one will call on the NFL to act, though. 

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