Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Beauty queens and dream machines are never wrong

Here's a pretty good "retrospective" on the now likely finished for good GBV. In 2014, the last records (presumably) to be released under that name came out.  

It's difficult to explain this to people who can't remember a time before the internet became a ubiquitous pipeline through which anyone could connect to anything instantly.  But there was a significant portion of my adult life when I was the only fan of this band I was personally aware of. Now such people are everywhere. Well.. most everywhere.
And yet when I ask most of my friends and colleagues (admittedly, the normal ones who don’t obsess about music like some of us) if they’ve ever heard of them, they invariably ask if they’re some kind of Christian rock band.

Which, when you think about it, is pretty much the most legitimately indie rock thing a band can do. A bunch of regular dudes from Nowheresville, Middle America produce a copious quantity of stellar music, garner tremendous reviews, approach the edge of rockstardom, and, due to their unrelenting dedication to that idiosyncratic “immanent process” of artistic production, walk the fuck away from it all. Better still, they aren’t even discouraged by their failure, and continue to churn out more songs before breakfast than you have in your entire life.
Anyway, not a year goes by when Pollard doesn't write the most perfect song for it.  I can't imagine that will change. Here's the song for 2014.

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