Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Green Lantern, though

The death of UNO is the most under-reported post-Katrina story in New Orleans
We are losing the University of New Orleans. The official word may be that the university is undergoing a restructuring, that it is being trimmed a little bit here and there. But don't be fooled. We are losing the University of New Orleans, and when and if that loss becomes complete, New Orleans will be the poorer for it.
Everything you want to know about the city's hollowed out middle class is right there.  If you grew up in New Orleans and, like so many of our celebrated "lifers" did not go away to college, you went to UNO.  (Yes, LSU students from New Orleans consider that "going away to college."  So long as they can withstand the Ignatius Reilly plunge into the Heart of Darkness and all.) 

If you didn't go to school there, you might have worked there. In high school you were probably taught by several UNO grads.  Certainly someone in your family or immediate circle had some connection with the school. 

But then Bobby Jindal took all the money out of it and put it into Green Lantern

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