Monday, December 22, 2014

How do you coach turnovers?

Coaches talk about this all the time.  But I never quite understand the point.
The Saints defense showed signs of improvement beginning last Monday night at Chicago. The defense had two critical stops in the fourth quarter on Sunday against Atlanta and coach Sean Payton praised the unit's play.

But he also pointed to the Saints' turnover margin against the Falcons. The Saints turned the ball over four times, but created none on defense or special teams.

"That's something that I obviously have to look closely at. In our games where we've won this year, it's been a positive. But it's been something that's really hurt us," Payton said. "And (turnover margin) is still the No. 1 statistic with regards to winning and losing. If you take a look at the top eight or ten teams in that category, most or all will be in the playoffs. And I think we're second-to-last in that area."
I'm pretty sure the players already understand that the ball is an important part of the game and that they want to go and get it.  But apart from just not dropping interceptions, it seems that taking the ball away from offenses is mostly just about luck. 

But, OK, Sean Payton is going "to look closely" at it.  Can't see how that makes a difference.

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