Friday, May 22, 2009

Well if it makes Dickie Brennan happy....

There's probably something very very wrong
"Probably the biggest hesitation over the years development-wise has been the crime and what takes place in that (the Iberville housing) development with high density," said Brennan. "So to redevelop it, I think is tremendous. It is going to bring a lot of potential, great things for all of us."

Because, as we've seen over the past two years, demolishing public housing has really helped reduce the crime in this city. Who could possibly argue with that?

This is not to say that Iberville doesn't need attention but that particular spot of land has been under the watchful eyes of developers for ages and ages. Marc Morial wanted to move City Hall there, Tom Benson wanted to build a stadium on it, and (perhaps most comically) Virginia Boulet wanted to move UNO to that neighborhood because "cool cities have universities downtown" (but mostly because she wanted to build condos on the lakefront). So yeah, as Brennan says, it's a piece of property that "is going to bring a lot of potential" It has for quite some time.

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