Thursday, May 07, 2009

Inside baseball?

In this morning's legislative rundown, Jan Moller describes Jim Tucker's bill to radically reorganize the governance of the New Orleans Charity Hospital (should one ever exist again at some point) and makes the following crucial statement.
The debate is very inside baseball and may never have any practical effect on patient care. But LSU, Tulane, Dillard, Southern and Xavier all want to protect their turf.
This seems like a question that deserves more attention. I was under the impression that, under the previous complicated arrangement by which the teaching hospital operated, LSU absorbed much of the cost of treating uninsured or medicaid patients and provided the bulk... if not all... of the on-call residents in rotation at Charity (and also at Children's). I have a limited understanding of the structure here and so am posting this more as a question than anything else. But if the other schools are looking for a greater share of management authority, will they also be assuming greater responsibility for operation? Is a private institution like Tulane willing or even able to take on more of the public health business?

I really would like some feedback on how this would work. At the very least, can't we say that Moller is glossing over the potential "practical effect on patient care" here?

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