Monday, May 18, 2009

Nobody really blogs anymore anyway

From Jan Moller's legislative session rundown:
• Political blogging is the wave of the future, political bloggers say.

The link is to a Monroe News-Star profile on Louisiana political blogs which reads like another one of those "Gee whiz the kids and their internets" stories we thought we'd seen the bulk of five or six years ago. My favorite line:

While the blogs may differ slightly in the way they frame issues, almost all of the state's prominent blogs lean to the right of the political spectrum.
I did not know that.

Also, while Moller's remark seems a bit skeptical... although Moller seems to read The Old River Road way more often than I ever have.... I sort of agree with the sentiment. As more internet users spend their link-sharing time on Facebook, as net neutrality reform threatens to make some sites less accessible, and as the amount of news content made available for people to share for free continues to shrink, I'd say that political blogging (at least of the "democratization of information" sort described in this article) is more the wave of the past.

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