Monday, May 11, 2009

24 out of 32

SI's Peter King ranks all 32 NFL teams as they stand in his mind after the draft.

24. New Orleans
No team with Drew Brees will ever be awful, particularly in a division without an almighty power. The Saints will win two or three 40-31-type of games. But unless Gregg Williams can find a better-than-average pass-rush by maneuvering some average chess pieces -- and unless Jonathan Vilma plays like Superman, and Jabari Greer and Malcolm Jenkins cover like Deion -- this defense is not going to be good enough to win eight games.

That's sort of what I'm thinking at this point. Although I'm more worried about how the Saints' gimmicky offense will look without even the possibility of a power running game available. At least there are no trophies to bury this offseason.

Also worth noting from King's column. He ranks Atlanta 11, Carolina 18, and Tampa 26... which seems about right.

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