Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh I like this game

Where were you on Day 81? I was scuttling back and forth between my apartment (which didn't have power for much of November... just as it was turning cold) and Daisy's (which had power and heat and internet... but no Daisy who is herself still gone) and work... where I was getting to know the Blackwater guys on a first-name basis. No power at home meant I didn't have time to post much during that month but on Day 80, I wrote:
Sorry, kids.. still don't have internet access at home and I'm far too busy at work to say anything meaningful here. It's a temporary situation. In the meantime, remember three of your libraries are open.. sort of. We're open primarily for internet access and are not able to lend any items yet. On the other hand we are giving away free candy.
Which was true! Maybe we should reinstitute the free candy program.

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