Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Diving deep to new heights

The T-P asked LaToya what the heck "being intentional" means.  She explained it by saying a bunch of words. They didn't make any sense, of course.
"Meaning, touching that family to take these deeper dives, to do the outreach that's necessary, to understand what your people are dealing with," Cantrell said, telling a story about one family she spoke with recently.

"Five children and no one is sleeping on a bed in the property, just on the floor. You can't make it up. But once you know ... as we're building our partnerships to therefore meet their need in a way that is not only intentional, but it helps to elevate the family and build that relationship. Because it does matter, and it also sends the message that we care."
You have to reach out and touch the family so that you can dive deep down in order to elevate them.  Or something.  There is more quotable nonsense in that article but I guess that's what happens when the object of the story is to expound upon the meaningless and annoying "City Of Yes" sloganeering that doesn't look like it's going to abate any time soon.  It's basically Cantrell's version of MAGA. It would be nice if we didn't set out to write articles that legitimize that kind of thing.

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