Thursday, February 22, 2018

All we care about is more nice things for rich people

I've tried to point out from time to time the problem with so-called inclusionary zoning set asides.  Tl;dr is it's mostly just tokenism. The point is to allow local politicians to pretend they are trying to solve the affordable housing crisis when really they are just allowing developers to make more nice things for rich people.  Naturally, LaToya Cantrell loves it.

So when they just go ahead and vote to allow the luxury development and admit the set asides are bullshit anyway, as the Winter Council just did, it's almost refreshing.
The New Orleans City Council unanimously approved a measure allowing taller and denser projects along the riverfront in the Marigny and Bywater after stripping out a provision that would have required developers to include affordable housing in the largest of those developments.

The new rules, officially known as the Riverfront Overlay, would allow buildings of up to six stories on some of the best-located properties in two of the city’s most desirable neighborhoods.

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