Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Same story two headlines

NOLA.com. Sometimes I wonder what the plan is... or if there even is one. This morning, the home page features a box of inauguration-related material with a series of headlines in smallish print. One of them reads,
New Orleans and the Gulf South receive more than passing nod from new administration
The story behind that link is a cautiously optimistic report by Keith I. Marszalek on what we might infer of the Obama Administration's Katrina recovery policy from his inaugural address as well as from the two paragraphs plus one line that appear under the heading "Katrina" on the "Additional Issues" page of Whitehouse.gov.

Below that headline on the NOLA.com home page is the lead headline which says in large print,
New White House Web site slams Bush on Hurricane Katrina
The story behind that link, written by Andy Barr of Politico.com, is a report on the very same two paragraphs from Whitehouse.gov this time characterized as a "slam" against former President Bush.

Why has NOLA.com chosen to 1) publish two stories on essentially the same subject and 2) emphasize the story it culls from a national political website rather than the story written from an apolitical local perspective?

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