Tuesday, July 11, 2017

So many Landrieus

There is news from Sorta Deputy Cousin Ken's road rage trial. The victim of Cousin Ken's rage testifies:
Landrieu was wearing a six-pointed badge pinned to his shirt. He asked Harris whether he was drinking and smoking and threatened to call his “boys” to arrest him, Harris said.

“So I just went full submission. I said, 'Yes, sir, I’m not going to say another word' ... and he puffed up his chest and said 'Good,' and started driving,” Harris said.
Harris said he feared that Landrieu could have shot him.

He was beet-red, angry. It looked like his blood pressure was through the roof. He was obviously extremely pissed off, angry,” Harris said.
The phrase, "Beet-red angry man pulling out gun" is in that headline, by the way. And it's so perfectly American a thing that I almost saluted when I read it.

Also Cousin Ken's defense is not very convincing.
Defense attorney Thomas Calogero sought to show that Harris decided to call police only because he believed that a member of the Landrieu family was involved. Harris testified that his wife was able to deduce that the license plate on Kenneth Landrieu's car belonged to Landrieu Public Relations, a firm controlled by Phyllis Landrieu.
There are so many Landrieus running around loose in the world, though. Like, pantloads of Landrieus.  Any incident that happens near you in this city involving more than two persons, and especially if any of those persons could be described as "beet-red angry,"  assume at least one might be a Landrieu. The odds are pretty good.

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