Monday, July 03, 2017

If some candidates forum in a forest and there's no one there to report on it...

What is the deal with Justice and Beyond going full Sean Spicer on their municipal candidates' forum last week?
Organizations that host candidate forums during election season usually want as many people as possible to hear how the candidates respond to questions about what the group considers to be the major issues.

So it was a bit strange that the organizers of a forum held last week by the groups Justice and Beyond and A Community Voice seemed determined to block any coverage of their event.

After a round of introductions at the forum for mayoral and City Council candidates put on by the two community organizing groups, Justice and Beyond head Pat Bryant announced that the entire affair would be off the record.

That’s the norm for Justice and Beyond’s regular meetings. The group’s gatherings have devolved into fiery disputes often enough for its leaders to know that reports in the news about the contentiousness may not reflect well on the organization.

But it’s unusual for a candidate forum — in which the focus is on the contenders’ statements, not the identities of those in the audience — to be completely off the record.
Also I guess we will accept your lame jokes about "safe spaces." Please submit them at the desk. 

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