Tuesday, July 25, 2017

AirBnBucket List

Shorter Stacy: There aren't enough short term rentals in New Orleans.  Let's sell off what's left of our public housing units so we can make more.
At the heart of this latest dispute is whether HANO should be selling, rather than redeveloping, its small apartment buildings.

Head has said the sale of such sites to private developers would place them back on the tax rolls and bring more revenue to the city, while Fortner has said keeping them and renovating the buildings allows HANO to turn a profit over the long term at a time of declining federal funding for the agency.
It's ok, y'all. She's almost gone. That is to say, she's almost through with her council term which is one reason she's working so hard on her to-do list full of stuff that screws over poor people.  The other reason she's so serious about doing all that stuff is she probably wants to run for a state office sooner or later and is burnishing her "business friendly" bona fides to that end in the meantime.  But we'll worry about that later.

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