Monday, July 03, 2017

Here comes trouble

There will be plenty of time to talk about this later but I've got this feeling that Ted Ginn is going to be a big headache for Saints fans this year. That's nothing new as Katzenstein points out here Ginn has burned the Saints on several memorable occasions during his career.  But he also has a habit of burning his own team. 
Drops have plagued him throughout his career, and his production hasn't measured up to expectations for a ninth overall pick, which he was in 2007. Ginn also has 20 career fumbles, though he's somehow lost just four and just three of them came on offense. That doesn't excuse the 17 fumbles or muffs on special teams, like one kickoff return in Week 2 last year when he let a mortar kick bounce in front of him and then saw an opposing player recover at the 2-yard line. His other fumble in that game, however, happened on a punt return when one of his teammates interfered with him.
We've already seen a few optimistic comparisons to Devery Henderson. That's probably a good read on the role the Saints have in mind for Ginn. But I'd also point out that Devery's successful years with the Saints came after he more or less got a handle on the drops. By the time he hit his prime years, in fact, the bad rap was just that.  I'm not sure Ginn is as consistent.

Assuming the 75 year old receiver manages to stay healthy, there will inevitably come a point in the season where he does something to make everybody very mad at least for a few minutes.  So.. just be ready for that.

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