Monday, July 03, 2017

It's good to define our terms

NEW ORLEANS -- Essence Fest is always a big deal for New Orleans, and Mayor Mitch Landrieu says the festival and New Orleans are a perfect match.

The festival's organizers agree.

At Friday's empowerment seminars, organizers presented Landrieu with an honorary "Woke" award. They said being "woke" is being aware of social problems in the community.
They recognized Mitch for "awareness."  What he's actually done about these problems he's aware of is a different story. Yay, we took the monuments down! But Mitch's role in that has mostly been absorbing a disproportionate amount of credit.  Boo, violent crime continues to be a problem! But Mitch's actions in response to that range from vapid demagoguery to draconian demagoguery, neither of which is especially helpful but boy does he ever demonstrate awareness of the problem.

The flipside of all this is he's also taken too much blame from racist pro-monument people as well as from anyone who thinks the mayor is directly responsible for waving a magic crime prevention wand but who cares what such people think, right?  Anyway, stay woke.

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