Saturday, April 01, 2017


DeMarcus Cousins:
Someone recently asked Cousins if he enjoyed his first Mardi Gras experience in New Orleans.

"Did you see the pictures," Cousins asked incredulously, alluding to photos of him on a Zulu float with a pair of women's underwear on his head, a string of beads in one hand and a bottle of Hennessey in the other.

"Let's just say," Cousins added, "I fit right in."
I got one photo of that float. But the crowd was kind of thick and I didn't have a great shot of them. You can kind of see AD and Boogie behind the big phone there.

AD and Boogie

Anyway, they didn't have quite enough time after the trade to get it together this year. Next season, the Pelicans are gonna be an awful lot of fun, though.  

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