Sunday, April 30, 2017

He really is Boss Hogg

Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser, the reigning Stupidest Corrupt Person In Louisiana, is in trouble again. This time there's no Iraqi Oil Minister, no eBay scheme, nothing about monuments. Swamp Molly isn't even mentioned.  No, this is actually the worst news for Billy in that it's one big petty graft dump.
The FBI, which investigated Nungesser during his first term as parish president, has shown new interest in a series of contracts and public works projects carried out during his tenure, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

Separately, the cash-strapped parish government has filed a flurry of lawsuits seeking to recoup hundreds of thousands of dollars it says were lost to a "pattern of fraud" and Nungesser's "thirst for absolute power" during his eight years in office, which ended in 2014.
There's Parish resources directed into building a marina he owns. There's little favors done for friends and family. It's usually the little stupid stuff like this that they actually get you on. Ray Nagin is in jail for granite countertops, basically.

But with Billy it always seems like there's so much more. In addition to the stuff we alluded to at the top, there's a Canal Street brothel connection to discuss. But mostly we'd like to see him held to account for the way he sold Plaquemines Parish to energy and chemical companies in order to "save" it. And, of course, he managed to enrich himself along the way. It's easier to go after the petty corruption.  But there's plenty of karma in the balance as well.

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