Thursday, April 13, 2017


So Scurlock is gonna run one of those campaigns, I guess...
Scurlock could best be called “The Fun Man.” A 54 year-old Republican, Scurlock coined the phrase “Make America Fun Again,” and selected “Make New Orleans Fun Again” as his campaign theme. Scurlock currently earns a damn good living building floating water parks around the globe. Several weeks ago Spurlock completed a marathon 10-day, 10-city tour to meet with government officials interested in bringing his style of economic development to their regions. Scurlock boasts that he will open 40 water parks “somewhere in the world” during the next 60 days. He would also like to redevelop the Lincoln Beach site in eastern New Orleans.
The guy sure does have a lot of projects on his plate.  Also he apparently owns five cell phones for reasons of some sort. Apparently he has also already been running TV ads though I haven't spotted them yet. Also, much like the other potential novelty candidate Sidney Torres, Scurlock's political career has a brush-with-crime origin story. 
Scurlock says he was carjacked at the corner of Tchoupitoulas and Napoleon in 2010. After sitting for two hours in the district station to give a statement, “I came to realize that it was worthless to make a police report,” said Scurlock. He plans to change political party affiliation in the near future.
That's funny. The old saw conservatives like to throw around used to say most Democrats are Republicans who haven't been mugged yet. But in heavily Democratic Orleans Parish, Scurlock is going the other direction with that.

Also of note in that Columbus column, Jason Williams confirms he is out of the mayor's race. No surprise there. A bit more of a surprise is that Desiree Charbonnet is leaning towards in. I don't know if we're allowed to have a Charbonnet and a Bagneris in the same race. Somebody should check the city charter. Also LaToysais being squeezed a bit... at least according to Columbus she is. 
Cantrell is passionate and a tireless worker. Not having run city-wide previously, Cantrell had to step out early to build name recognition. Rumors abound that Cantrell’s fundraising is moving slowly, and she is not expected to report more than $300,000 in the next filing, only a fraction of what is needed for a successful mayor’s race. Critics also say that Cantrell has on several occasions flip-flopped on issues and retreated from promises when pressure was applied, making it difficult for those affected to always rely on her. 
It's true that she does try to finesse a lot of things. One could call that "flip-flopping" although one could also observe that all politicians do it. 

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