Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Of course because this was the whole point

The charter school movement was always about re-institutionalizing segregation by re-branding it in progressive sounding rhetoric.  This isn't a big secret. No one should be surprised at the results.
The earth-shaking overhaul of New Orleans education after Hurricane Katrina has not fixed one of the city's enduring problems: public school segregation. That's according to a study Tulane's Education Research Alliance for New Orleans released Tuesday (April 4).

"New Orleans schools were highly segregated prior to the city's school reforms, especially in terms of race and income, and remain segregated now," the authors wrote.
Before the mass charterization, the schools were divided into separate and unequal public and (mostly Catholic) private schools. The "reform" was a means by which white and wealthy families could reclaim their very own public schools without forfeiting the benefits of segregation. Again, not a big secret. Inevitably will be denied by hordes of screeching yuppies, though. 

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