Monday, May 02, 2016

Termite gig economy

Ah, Spring. The heavy air crowded with a desperate scramble for something like love under the ugly light of a thousand artificial moons.
In native conditions, the termites fly towards the moon, which provides them a direction that guarantees they move away from the home nest's foraging ground. Humans have provided them with artificial moons, drawing them to new wood sources in buildings.

When the termites land, the male and female seek a single partner to begin a new nest, shedding their wings and then searching for the proper location, which will include a source of wood, a place that's protected from wind and competitors, and that has a source of water.
Good luck, you crazy kids.  You know the water may be contaminated, and, of course, the rent is too damn high. Add to that the growth of short term rentals everywhere and finding a place with a three to five year lease is more and more difficult.
It takes three to five years for the couple to grow to the point where the female becomes the queen of a new nest, and begins producing eggs.
Don't know how they're gonna do all that and save for retirement. There's just no security for anyone anymore. 

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