Saturday, May 28, 2016

Let's play two

John Bel is going to call the legislature into special session half an hour after the regular session ends on June 6. Maybe this will be when they finally get the heavy lifting done.
Among the largest revenue-generating items Edwards has included in his call are efforts to change the state’s personal and corporate income tax brackets and limit the itemized deductions from state income taxes that people can claim in excess of their federal tax deductions. Limiting those deductions would make middle- and upper-income taxpayers pay more. Shifting tax brackets also would mean that some people would pay more in taxes.
On the other hand, thetc do-nothing spirit is strong with this group and will probably continue. As much as they might like to fund TOPS the Republicans probably have more to gain politically by making Edwards look like a failure. I saw a rumor yesterday   that Jeff Landry is already polling his chances for Governor in 2019. Wouldn't doubt it.

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