Friday, May 06, 2016

Bird without a country

This is what you call a stateless peacock.
Mr. Pete eluded animal control officers, flying to a rooftop. But the close call triggered an outcry from neighbors, begging the SPCA to let the bird be. Other bird lovers went straight to the top of the pecking order, calling the office of New Orleans City Councilwoman Susan Guidry.

In any case, reflecting on “the scope of their mission,” SPCA officials decided they would not pursue the peacock.

“It is not in our contract to handle wildlife,” said Alicia Haeferle, a spokeswoman for the SPCA. “Our contract is companion animals only.”

Meanwhile, the state Wildlife and Fisheries Department considers the peacock a domesticated creature and not under its purview, which, ironically, places the blue, green and violet bird in a gray area.
Article also says there are actually two peacocks roaming the Carrollton area. It's a full blown refugee crisis. 
On Thursday, Guidry introduced an ordinance to add the West Carrollton area, also known as Pigeon Town, to a list of 14 bird sanctuaries in New Orleans.

“This ordinance creates a 15th bird sanctuary in West Carrollton to provide those protections to the Carrollton peacocks and parrots, thereby preserving the unique charm and character of one of our city’s many vibrant neighborhoods,” Guidry said in a statement.

Section 18-341 of the city code makes it unlawful to harm wild birds in sanctuary areas. The proposal could come up for a vote May 19.
Uh oh. Don't tell the Louisiana Legislature. They're trying to make sanctuary cities a no no. 

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