Monday, May 23, 2016

A Trump in every town

Every city is getting its own now.

New Orleans businessman Sidney Torres told FOX 8 on Wednesday that a mayoral run may be in his future.

"I'm not ruling it out. I'm seriously considering it," Torres said during an interview about an upcoming show on the network.

Torres said several polls put him as one of the frontrunners for New Orleans mayor in 2018.

Torres started in real estate, then made millions with a trash business in the French Quarter. He has most recently gained national attention with his French Quarter Task Force crime app.
Real estate mogul with garish tastes and inherited wealth famous lately for capitalizing on people's paranoia about a supposed criminal element.  Sounds pretty familiar now. 
"I'd seriously consider it depending on who steps up to the plate," he said. "I think this city needs someone that's going to understand how to operate a business, how to deal with different departments, that doesn't have a lot of debt, that's well off, that cannot have to worry about money as their main goals, and trying to figure out how they structure deals, and how do they do deals with lobbyists and how they do certain things in the community and focus on helping the community and other people," Torres said. 
You know what we need is an independently wealthy guy who doesn't "have to worry about money" and will run the city like a business. Those always seem to be in season, don't they. 

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