Thursday, May 05, 2016

Is it really all Stuart Fisher, though?

We know what it looks like.
The latest motion from Carpenter and Woodward again attacks Two Canal’s legitimacy and accuses Fisher of a 25-year history of civil fraud, bankruptcies and failed ventures.

It is “the habit and practice of Stuart Fisher to create sham webs of deceit, to default on his debts, and to instigate needless litigation and resistance to litigation as a result of his business,” Carpenter and Woodward attorney Russ Herman wrote, mentioning previous suits filed against Fisher for fraud and scuttled business deals in Maryland and New Orleans.

Typically, corporations and their owners are considered separate legal entities, meaning that Two Canal, not Fisher, would be able to sue in court to protect its interests. But Herman said Fisher bought Two Canal for $10 last year only in order to file a suit and is indistinguishable from Two Canal, a shell corporation with no assets or bank accounts.

Because Two Canal is not a real corporation and Fisher, on his own, has no legal grounds to challenge the city’s selection, the court should dismiss Fisher’s case entirely, the motion says.
No doubt that dude is shady. But I get the feeling there's more to it than just that. Too many important people in too much of a hurry to not talk about this anymore.

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