Saturday, April 16, 2016

The next fight

"Comprehensive tax reform" can mean many different things. Lots of unknown devils to come in theses details.
“I have asked (LSU economist Jim Richardson) and his task force to give us some ideas we can pursue in June so that we don’t just raise the revenue we need to raise but we do it in a manner that is consistent with long-term comprehensive tax reform,” Edwards said during his eight-minute speech.

“We need more stability in Louisiana. We need predictability, and that’s how I intend to proceed.”
Suffice to say a lot of people will be watching this task force closely and preparing to fight over its recommendations whatever they end up being.  But it does look like the political will exists to do something.  That can be a great somehting or an awful something.  This particular legislature doesn't inspire a heck of a lot of hope for the former.

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