Monday, April 18, 2016


The spokesperson for the Monumental Task Committee, a club that raises money to clean and restore monuments, whose organization is currently suing the city in order to halt its attempt to remove some Jim Crow era monuments, tells the Washington Post that nobody cares about monuments.
“Most people drive by these monuments every day, and they’re clueless about them. They don’t care. This was just meant to be political fodder,” said Pierre McGraw, founder and president of Monumental Task Force, a nonprofit group that has maintained the city’s statues for 26 years and has collected more than 30,000 signatures on a petition to keep the monuments. “Maybe a few people had some issues, but during Carnival, I noticed all these people around Lee Circle and they were screaming — but they were screaming for throws from the parade.”
Ok, then, Your whole hobby is bullshit according to you. Thanks. 

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