Saturday, April 30, 2016

Stoop sitting

Our place doesn't have a porch or a yard. Our front door opens directly onto the sidewalk outside. But Menckles and I spend a fair amount of time out there just hanging around. Usually in the afternoon or early evening one or both of us will take a festival chair out to the sidewalk just to sit, maybe read, or just people watch.  More often than not we take a few beers or cocktails with us. Nobody seems to have a problem with it. I wonder why that is.
A property manager for Abundance Square apartments, which replaced the Desire public housing projects, tells Citylab that she doesn’t allow more than three people at a time “hanging out” on a front porch. More than that would be considered loitering, said the property manager, who would only identify her name as “Ms. Davis.” She says she has personally broken up groups on front porches, and that violating the policy would lead to the tenant earning an “infraction” on their file. More than two infractions would be cause for eviction, says the property manager.

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